Within the scope of the World Entrepreneurship Week, 3-day-long workshops (from 16 November to 18 November, 2016) on liquid chromatography were held on the premises of the Park. This is the second edition of theoretical-practical trainings under the project of Bio-trainings.

The training was organized by the Laboratory for Revitalization and Remediation Techniques. The participants were about to acquire knowledge and skills related to high performance liquid chromatography under the supervision of Ms Sylwia Bajkacz, PhD (Eng), Silesian University of Technology.

On the first day, the course participants were presented with the chromatography-related theoretical background. On the following two days, the participants had the pleasure to attend practical classes, which allowed them to learn how to handle the chromatograph and how to interpret the obtained chromatograms.

We would love to congratulate all participants upon the successful completion of the training and wish them all the best.