During the I Forum of Remediation, Revitalization and Green Energy talked about how to change the face of brownfield sites, giving them new functions and how to use this green energy. The aim of the I Forum was to present research developments and achievements in the field of revitalization and remediation (ie, purification) of brownfield sites.

The business environment could therefore get to know new technological solutions that support these processes and allow for the improvement of its offer and services. The Forum was divided into two panel discussions, during which guests could come to listen to interesting presentations Speakers from the world of science and business, and to share their insights and experiences. In addition, participants learned about new research technologies in the field of broadcasting sites of former industrial new features and see aerial maps of such places, created to improve the processes of revitalization. There were also demonstrations of renewable energy.

Guests and Speakers arrivals were welcomed on behalf of the Park and the Management Board supervising Park - director Krzysztof Kowalski. Moderate Forum was Dr. Blazej Bzowski. Among our Speakers were: Janusz Kahl - President NordicHouse, Danish, Finnish and Swedish honorary consul in Krakow, Krzysztof Bryzgalski - President of the Progressive AeroPhoto, Dr. habilitatus Eleonora Wcisło, Dr. Janusz Krupanek of IETU, Dr. Eng. Bartosz Kowalski (lab technician at the Laboratory of Remediation), and PhD: Marcin Szala, Karolina Czyż, Robert Rutkowski, Patrycja Marczewska, Mateusz Pławecki.

Thank you for your participation of all guests, speakers and participants.
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