On Friday, i.e. on 1 April 2016, our Laboratory was visited by high school graduates from one of Katowice high schools. Workshops “Chemistry – innovative research techniques” gave high school graduates an insight into the specifics of work in our Laboratory for Revitalization and Remediation Techniques. These workshops are dedicated to all interested in studying such fields like chemistry, chemical technology, bio-technology or pharmacology.

Workshops were divided into two parts. In the theoretical part, discussed were some basic chemical terms and concepts that were indispensable for the comprehension of lectured issues and topics. Showcased was also basic equipment of the chemical laboratory and its applications – beakers, vessels for weighing, measuring flasks, tongs, porcelain crucibles, measuring cylinders, micropipettes. High school graduates were presented also with necessary equipment contained within a typical analytical laboratory – an analytical balance, a shaker, a furnace, a dryer, a distiller, a pH-meter. At the end of this part, the participants were acquainted with Health and Safety Regulations (BHP) applicable to safe laboratory working.

In the practical part, the specialist equipment contained within the Laboratory’s premises was showcased, including: an optical emission spectrometer with inductively coupled plasma (ICP-OES), high performance liquid chromatography with ultraviolet detection and fluorescence (HPLC-UV-FL), graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry (GF-AAS) and an ion chromatograph (IC). Subsequently, tests of some water samples brought by participants followed in collaboration with high school students. Water samples were checked for the presence of selected chemical elements and inorganic anions.