The Industrial and Technology Park REVITA PARK is a place that supports emerging firms and start-ups at each phase of their development. One of such phases involves communication and promotion in the Internet.

Within the World Entrepreneurship Week, our Park hosted a training entitled: “SEO and content – tools in PR”, which was dedicated to newly-established firms, start-ups and non-governmental organizations. Our partner in this training was a Class Ladies fund. Through concrete examples and exercises, training participants could understand the entire process of proper positioning of information and offer in the Internet, optimization of contents conveyed, and functioning of data in social media.

Case study provides also a possibility to learn about various communication techniques and about the efficacy of their application in practical working environment.

The Industrial and Technology Park REVITA Park is a business support institution, which supports the development of local entrepreneurship, new start-ups and firms. Created on the premises of the Park, the platform for exchange of knowledge and innovation has contributed in recent years to the increase of innovative projects in the region.