Nanoparticles in waterproofing binders appear to be an innovative solution for construction, revitalization and mining sectors. On 17 May 2016, during the “Nanotechnology – the future of waterproofing binders engineering” conference held at Industrial and Technology Park REVITA Park, the representatives and owners of Przedsiębiorstwo Robót Geologiczno-Wiertniczych presented a ClayFill mineral binder, which proves to be an innovation in construction, drainage and irrigation, mining and revitalization sectors. The keynote theme of the conference fits well into the specialization of the Park, i.e. remediation and revitalization. 

The participants, members of business and science environments, were showcased with the ClayFill innovative nano-binder, which is widely supported by entrepreneurs from all over the world on account of its broad application. The meeting provided a welcomed opportunity for the coming guests to gain knowledge of the ClayFill mineral binder, which significantly supports the above-mentioned sectors and helps companies enhance their offers and rendered services. The Conference was structured into two discussion panels. During those, the participants could see the Mineral Binders Facility in Koniecpol, where a nano-binder is manufactured, and learn about properties of the binder itself during a chemical presentation delivered in the RevitaLAB audio-visual room.

On behalf of the Park, the Conference was inaugurated by Liliana Bielas–Kostyra, a Park manager. She welcomed all Guests, informed them about the structure of the Park, and gave a concise profile of research studies conducted with regard to the nano-binder. The keynote speakers included the owners of PRGW company – Mr Roman Kuś and Ms Grażyna Janik, as well as specialists – engineers, who handle the nano-binder issue on a daily basis – Robert Tomaszewski and Tomasz Kopeć. Mr Kopeć and Mr Tomaszewski brought participants closer to the Mineral Binders Facility in Koniecpol and showcased the ClayFill manufacturing line. Above that, the participants had first-hand experience of the projects that have already become executed with the use of the nano-binder. 

In the last presentation given in the first part, Mr Roman Kuś presented the application of the nano-binder in field works. Aside from that, the pretty interesting movie was displayed, which depicted a construction project executed with the use of the nano-binder. Towards the end of the meeting, the lecturers were asked a series of questions relating to all given presentations.

After a short break, during which our Lecturers and Park’s representatives were taking individual questions of our Guests, the second part of the Nano-Conference followed.

During this part, outlined were the properties of the nano-binder and presented was the resistance of the product to distinct external factors. The properties of the mixture became compared with other products available in the market. ClayFill was the only one to retain its original properties. The chemical part was conducted in the Laboratory for Revitalization and Remediation Techniques – RevitaLAB. The meeting was capped with the sightseeing tour across the Park and Laboratory. 

In the meantime, another event was held concurrently with the Conference, that is – the photograph exhibition documenting 25 years of operations of the PRGW company, which would be on display for the next days in the RevitaLAB audio-visual room. 

PRGW G. Janik, R. Kuś Sp. Jawna denotes a company closely collaborating with the Park on the ground of the signed Framework Agreement. The Conference hosted also tenants of the Park, including AP Geotechnika, NEXA.

The Park, which is a Business Support Institution, conducts along with PRGW studies into relevant characteristics and practical functionalities of the nano-binder, which were referred to in the EU project – Operational Programme Innovative Economy.