On 17 May 2016, at 9:30 am, a conference entitled: “Nanotechnology – the future of waterproofing binders engineering” is to be held on the premises of Industrial and Technology Park REVITA PARK.


Two short discussion panels are projected to take place during the conference, giving participants a chance to learn about latest findings in the engineering of waterproofing binders. The conference is going to host, among others, the owners of the company manufacturing innovative nano-binders – Ms Grażyna Janik and Mr Roman Kuś (Przedsiębiorstwo Robót Geologiczno-Wiertniczych w Sosnowcu).

The meeting shall provide an opportunity to learn about all merits related to the ClayFill nano-binder, which is a breakthrough in the market of waterproofing binders engineering. It is a modern construction material, which seals and reinforces mechanical and filtration parameters of soils. ClayFill is an element used in waterproofing barriers made while constructing hydro-technical facilities and landfill sites. A nano-binder, featuring over 10 years of life, is used to restore foundation of historic buildings, and to eliminate water inflows to basement areas adjacent to buildings.  The price of the innovative mineral mixture is lower in comparison with other waterproofing materials.