Created in the New Baildon area (area of the former Huta Baildon) Industrial and Technology Park REVITA PARK encourages both local, regional and national traders to introduce innovative technology solutions for the production and updating of products and services offered on the market. The concept of the Park ensures favorable conditions for entrepreneurs to conduct business innovation and access to innovation by:

  • dispose areas of buildings and spaces suitable for their needs, equipped with appropriate technical infrastructure and access to the necessary media with appropriate parameters and quantity;
  • providing access to the fully-equipped technician remediation laboratory, offering services such as land survey and certification of land, water inspection or testing the classification of waste;
  • create a platform for knowledge and technology transfer between research units and businesses and to develop forms of cooperation science-business;
  • providing advisory, accounting and administrative services. The park offers also the possibility of using different types of business services, including counseling, financial and accounting, legal services, operating in conducting market analyzes and marketing research, creating the conditions for granting financial support to new investments, including the EU funds.

Existing Technology Transfer Zone is an area of knowledge and technology transfer between research units and businesses, which was located within the Industrial Park - Technology (in buildings B and C) by separating the respective surfaces: offices, meeting rooms and laboratories.

Entrepreneurs using modern technologies in the field of revitalization and remediation are offered consulting services in the creation and development of enterprises, technology transfer and converting the results of research and development in technological innovation.

Services under the Technology Transfer Zone not included within the rental fee and performance include the rental of meeting rooms equipped with the necessary audiovisual equipment; access to support services accompanying the provision of general and specialized training and consulting services, assistance in obtaining external financing sources, support for national and international technology transfer and commercialization and protection of intellectual property rights, as well as other, determined on the basis of individual interviews with recipients.

Detailed rules for the provision of services research - development shows the "Terms of Service R - D Industrial Park - technological" REVITA Park ".

Industrial Building B

Industrial Building B Inside

Industrial Building B Laboratory

Industrial Building B Conference Rooms


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