A swift development of technology, an increase in market competition and a growth of ecological awareness among entrepreneurs and government representatives mean that all market participants are required to have access to current research on revitalization of degraded lands and professional research equipment. As a result, evaluations and analyses of pollutions, as well as raising awareness connected with care for natural environment can be fostered.

To address these market needs, our Laboratory offers a wide array of research and services. We perform research works concerning soil classification, abandoned or left waste, as well as water quality tests. Additionally, we are capable to perform bore-hole tests on the site (soil sampling for analysis). Thanks to our research, it is possible to establish whether water or the premises where you live or conduct your business activities are safe for life and health.

Our offer combines also the professional consultancy and the provision of services for other business entities in the following fields: formulation and enhancement of applied research methods, preparation of documentation, giving trainings on revitalization, environmental remediation and a broad spectrum of analytical tests in accordance with requirements of our clients. We also execute the outsourcing of laboratory testing.

Our measuring apparatus is state-of-the-art, including: ICP-OES Optima 8000 (to determine the majority of elements, Perkin Elmer), GF-AAS PinAAcle 900Z (to determine selected elements, Perkin Elmer), the Basic IC plus 883 ion chromatograph (to determine anions, Metrohm) and the HPLC Waters Alliance liquid chromatograph with spectrophotometric detector (UV-VIS) and fluorescence detector (FL).

We conduct our research by way of implementing several modern techniques. One of them is the ICP-OES method (inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry), which enables a performance of single- or multi-element analyses in a very short time. By using this method, both main and trace values of contamination can be determined in the same sample. The high level of plasma temperature allows for the determination of elements featuring the high induction potential. We do not use electrodes, and therefore we do not contaminate the researched material.

The second method is the ion chromatography, which allows for the simultaneous determination of several cations and anions, as well as determination of organic and inorganic ions, performed in the short time, even in the small amount of researched sample. This method employs eco-friendly reagents. This specialist analysis provides a possibility of determining ions of single element at varying oxidation levels.

The third method is GF-AAS using the graphite furnace in the atomisation process.

The Laboratory specialises, in particular, in investigation of, inter alia, degraded, post-industrial, agricultural and urban lands. The scope of operations includes a complex determination of chemical parameters (of virtually all elements and inorganic anions: fluorides, chlorides, bromides, iodides, nitrites, nitrates, sulphates (VI), phosphates (V)) in surface water, underground water, wells, water supply system and in wastewater.

Our scope of investigation includes also a determination of chemical parameters of soils, waste and bottom sediments. At the specific request, we offer an opportunity of performing more specialist determinations such as: residues of selected organic compounds (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons [PAH], polychlorinated biphenyls [PCB], pesticides and others) in water, soil and waste samples.

The offer is dedicated to all consumers, including individuals and companies, farmers, water treatment plants, water and sewage companies.

The price of the basic package starts from PLN 250 and remains open to individual negotiations.

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