About the Tenant

Our Company is committed to supporting entrepreneurs and public sector institutions in securing external sources of financing undertakings and to the management of projects already co-funded at each phase of their execution.

Our offer is complex and comprises the handling of projects, starting from the preparation of technical and application documentation up through until the final settlement. By providing such offer, we have developed a comprehensive portfolio of clients, who repeatedly praise us for our high effectiveness and the top quality of rendered services. The company gathers experts, who boast several years of experience in securing bank financing and sourcing EU and International Financial Institutions resources. The staff members include also specialists in the field of technical design, environmental protection and business law.

Our team comprises also specialists featuring considerable experience in drafting innovation applications, who boast academic titles and a wide array of business contacts (embracing laboratories, universities, research studies). Each Client is handled individually. A wide variety of qualifications and experiences exhibited by a team of our specialists enables us to smoothly manage projects from distinctive fields, and to effectively and expertly execute all assigned works.

Key areas of our expertise:
• optimization of financing for entrepreneurs,
• implementation of restructuring of existing financial liabilities,
• obtaining bank loans and subsidies,
• negotiating with banks and creditors – on behalf of our Clients,
• conducting recovery and composition proceedings,
• formulation and implementation of EU projects.

Our team is composed of:
• bankers,
• financial analytics,
• EU advisors,
• lawyers,
• architects,
• designers,
• research workers.

We are distinguished by:
• an innovative problem-solving approach,
• a broad spectrum of operations,
• a team of qualified specialists – experts in their respective fields,
• a comprehensive task performance,
• an attainment of agreed goals,
• a partnership-oriented approach.

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