About the Tenant

The Pro Business Solutions Group has been established with a view to delivering innovative solutions in terms of sales optimization in the entire supply chain. We operate chiefly in the FMCG sector, but our solutions can successfully be implemented towards the development of any other industry related to the trade industry. We are a bunch of practitioners – managers; each of us displays several years of experience and the wealth of business contacts. We transform Clients’ expectations into practical solutions and modern information and communication technologies (ICT). The implementation of those provides desirable work results, giving a competitive edge and facilitating the achievement of sales targets.

In response to market needs, we have created original PRO Systems, which make our work and the work of our Clients more efficient. These tools have been designed as the result of experience gained whilst hundreds of hours of audits, consultations and trainings. Our scope of operations includes such areas as exposure, efficiency and quality in shops as well as motivational systems. In addition, we actively support our business partners in the fields of trainings, consultancy and coaching. Over the course of operations, we have become a market leader. The best recommendations of our systems are provided by the growing number of satisfied Clients – our systems are tailor-made to specific needs of each Client. We collaborate with top corporations, such as Coca-Cola, Mars, Coty, Orlen, Kompania Piwowarska, Red Bull, Eurocash or Atlas. Our Clients unanimously agree that the most important characteristics of solutions implemented by Pro Business Solutions are efficiency and flexibility. All our systems cooperate with one another, which allows for delivering comprehensive solutions to accommodate diverse needs of our Clients.