What is a start-up? How to become a profitable start-up and have Clients? What does a success of an innovative start-up hinge on? Answers to those and many other questions were delivered in the Industrial and Technology Park REVITA PARK by the honorary consul of Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Island, as well as a Chairman of NordicHouse Sp. z o.o. – Mr Janusz Kahl.

During the World Entrepreneurship Week – REVITA Park and Pre Acceleration Point in SPCleantech – on 16 November 2016 we organized workshops entitled: “Do you have some idea for a start-up, but have no idea how to bring it to life?”, being part of a cycle: “Would you love to be a start-up?”.

The aim of this meeting was to strengthen the position of innovators through providing them with valuable information, tools necessary for implementation of their ideas onto the market. During the workshops, the participants were informed about the issues related to the establishment and functioning of start-ups – from the early phase of idea and conception, through creation of a valid business model and its professional presentation before a prospective investor or a financial institution, to finally achieving a market success. – A start-up is not a smaller version of a big enterprise – says Liliana Bielas-Kostyra, a manager of the Industrial and Technology Park REVITA Park. – A start-up is seeking a scalable, repeatable and profitable business model. If a start-up turns out to be a market success, it stops being a start-up and becomes a firm.