We are delighted to deliver a good message to all young people (students, MAs, PhDs), who are planning their career paths. We would love to invite you all to attend workshops for start-ups remaining at a very early stage of their operations.

The workshops are to be held in Cracow (the SPCleantech headquarters in NordicHouse, ul. św. Anny 5) on 18 April 2016.

Recognized Polish and Scandinavian Mentors attend cyclical workshops for early start-ups. This time, among others, the participants include: Rafał Szczepanik, the co-founder of www.pracuj.pl, Peter Nilsson, the Swedish mentor and investor, as well as representatives of KIC InnoEnergy, to name but a few.

The Industrial and Technology Park REVITA PARK is the member and founder of SPCleantech Cluster, which is the pre-acceleration point for start-ups in the south of Poland in partnership with KIC InnoEnergy and NordicHouse.