Dear Student! Enrolments for a liquid chromatography-based training are about to start. Do not hesitate and sign up today!

Within the scope of the World Entrepreneurship Week, 3-day-long workshops (from 16 November to 18 November, 2016) on liquid chromatography were held on the premises of the Park. This is the second edition of theoretical-practical trainings under the project of Bio-trainings.

The Industrial and Technology Park REVITA PARK is a place that supports emerging firms and start-ups at each phase of their development. One of such phases involves communication and promotion in the Internet.

What is a start-up? How to become a profitable start-up and have Clients? What does a success of an innovative start-up hinge on? Answers to those and many other questions were delivered in the Industrial and Technology Park REVITA PARK by the honorary consul of Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Island, as well as a Chairman of NordicHouse Sp. z o.o. – Mr Janusz Kahl.

A start-up is not a smaller version of a big enterprise. A start-up is a temporary organization in the search for a scalable, repeatable and profitable business model.

Steve Blank

To create a successful start-up, three conditions are to be met: selection of adequate people, designing something that Clients really need, and spending as less money as possible.
The majority of start-ups end up in a failure having not met one of those conditions.

Paul Graham

The aim of a start-up is to design something, for which Clients are willing to pay as fast as possible.

Eric Ries


Do you have some idea for a start-up, but have no idea how to bring it to life? You are going to learn how to achieve a success as a start-up during the workshops organized by REVITA PARK in Katowice in collaboration with Pre Accelerator Point in South Poland Cleantech Cluster.