Nanoparticles in waterproofing binders appear to be an innovative solution for construction, revitalization and mining sectors. On 17 May 2016, during the “Nanotechnology – the future of waterproofing binders engineering” conference held at Industrial and Technology Park REVITA Park, the representatives and owners of Przedsiębiorstwo Robót Geologiczno-Wiertniczych presented a ClayFill mineral binder, which proves to be an innovation in construction, drainage and irrigation, mining and revitalization sectors. The keynote theme of the conference fits well into the specialization of the Park, i.e. remediation and revitalization. 

On 17 May 2016, at 9:30 am, a conference entitled: “Nanotechnology – the future of waterproofing binders engineering” is to be held on the premises of Industrial and Technology Park REVITA PARK.

We have recently received a further invitation to the off-site conference. This time, we participated in a two-day (07-08 April 2016) Forum on Business Support Institutions of the Silesia Province entitled “The social and economic development of the region against the background of operations of business support institutions in the Silesia Province”.

Within the scope of an innovative project: Bio-Trainings, specialist laboratory and theoretical trainings are soon to be held on the premises of REVITA PARK. The qualified staff and modern equipment guarantee the highest quality of trainings. Trainings are to be held in small groups, ensuring that the top quality of trainings is provided and full access to a given piece of equipment is granted.

We shall keep you fully informed of any planned trainings via our social media and Park and Laboratory websites. 




We are delighted to deliver a good message to all young people (students, MAs, PhDs), who are planning their career paths. We would love to invite you all to attend workshops for start-ups remaining at a very early stage of their operations.

The workshops are to be held in Cracow (the SPCleantech headquarters in NordicHouse, ul. św. Anny 5) on 18 April 2016.