On Friday, i.e. on 1 April 2016, our Laboratory was visited by high school graduates from one of Katowice high schools. Workshops “Chemistry – innovative research techniques” gave high school graduates an insight into the specifics of work in our Laboratory for Revitalization and Remediation Techniques. These workshops are dedicated to all interested in studying such fields like chemistry, chemical technology, bio-technology or pharmacology.

Our Park had received an invitation to the conference entitled “Can the Odra River be our chance?” The conference was held on March 09th, 2016, at 10.00 a.m., in Kędzierzyn-Koźle. It was organized by the Kędzierzyn-Koźle Industrial Park and by the City Council of Kędzierzyn Koźle. Grupa Azoty ZAK S.A took the honorary patronage over the event.

On 4 February 2016, in the lecture room B1, the 2nd Meeting of Park’s Tenants was held. During the meeting, the Revita Park Team, which manages and takes care of the Technology Park, was presented to new Tenants. Then, the offer of the Park and the new services that are getting implemented in the course of operations of the Park were showcased. The Participants got a chance to study the Laboratory’s offer. The 2nd Meeting of Tenants provided also a platform for sharing and exchanging observations on operations of the Park.

We would love to thank all Participants for their presence and active participation.

On Tuesday 8 December 2015 the training on “Collecting and preparing samples for analysis” was held on the premises of Industrial and Technology Park REVITA PARK. The meeting was organized by the Laboratory for Revitalization and Remediation Techniques.

Last Saturday our Park hosted representatives of Rybnik and Katowice Environmental Clubs. During the “Weekend workshops with chemistry” (part of the cycle “We study chemistry”), sixth-grade students could observe the operations of our specialist chemical laboratory – the Laboratory for Revitalization and Remediation Techniques – operating on the premises of Industrial and Technology Park REVITA PARK. The above-mentioned “Weekend workshops with chemistry” were conducted by Bartosz Kowalski, PhD (Eng), the scientific consultant of the Laboratory and the lecturer at the Silesian University of Technology.

The young participants not only saw basic laboratory equipment, or acquired basic chemical terminology, but they also could carry out research on specialist laboratory machines: ICP-OES, HPLC-UV-FL, GF-ASA, an ion chromatograph.

Thanks to such activities, young workshop participants could notice the importance and utilization of chemistry in everyday life.