During the I Forum of Remediation, Revitalization and Green Energy one of our partners visited our Technican Remediation Laboratory. It was the Tractebel Engineering SA company. The conference was attended on behalf of the Company: Vice President Hanna Wieczorek and Development Director Paweł Mrowiński.

During the I Forum of Remediation, Revitalization and Green Energy talked about how to change the face of brownfield sites, giving them new functions and how to use this green energy. The aim of the I Forum was to present research developments and achievements in the field of revitalization and remediation (ie, purification) of brownfield sites.

In the Industrial Park - Technology REVITA PARK we meet with entrepreneurs interested in infrastructure and cooperation with the Technician Remediation Laboratory. Among such companies, the Company found itself Stef-Pol Stefan Opolony who visited our park 26th of June 2015.

We invite all interested in the issues of remediation and revitalization for I FORUM OF REMEDIATON, REVITALIZATION AND GREEN ENERGY. We remind you that it will be held 29th of June 2015 year in the Industrial and Technology Park REVITA PARK.

Industrial and Technology Park REVITA PARK is preparing for I Forum of Remediation, Revitalization and Green Energy. I Forum speakers visited our Park.

bryzgalski At the first meeting we hosted Mr. Krzysztof Bryzgalski from the company Progressive AeroPhoto. Krzysztof during Monday's conference will give a talk about "Creating aerial maps of degraded and contaminated areas with their practical application in remediation and revitalization".

khol liliana2

Another guest was Mr. Janusz Kahl - President NordicHouse, Danish, Finnish and Swedish honorary consul in Krakow. Our Dear Guests will deliver a lecture on Cluster SPPC - South Poland Cleantech Cluster, which is an organization in the form of a quadruple helixy initiated by cleantech companies, academic and research institutions, public entities and non- governmental organizations from Southern Polish region with the vision to create new jobs and growth opportunities trade, through activation and development of international Cleantek thriving cluster.

khol sylwia Mr. Kahl visited our Park and met with Vice President of the Optirem Company and co-author of our Park - Ms Sylvia Dyrbuś.